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Computerized Multi-channel fertigation system:

Efficient fertilization dosing for all types of crops
Flexible choice in pump and number of fertilizers
Accurate , Safe and reliable
Long shelf life
Self supporting compact system
Constructed from durable materials
Fault insensitive
Various expansion options
Saving costs by reusing water
Lowest cost per m3

Irrigation control
Fertilizer recipes
EC pre-control option
Large number of starting conditions
Water and fertilizer stock control
Rinse valves
Extensive insight into all measurements, control functions and alarm situations
PC connection to Priva Office Direct for registration and operation
Main functions: with on board Priva process computer
Up to 40 irrigation valves
Re-circulation of water in zero run off installations
Many start groups with individual settings for 4 time periods a day
8 fertilizer recipes
EC pre-control function
EC correction
Irrigation volume measurement and alarm
Starting on light and light sum
Start on time

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