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Shri Mukund Biotech is a well recognized name in establishing plant tissue culture laboratory. Our specialization also lies in meeting the designing and production demands of equipments of plant tissue culture laboratory.
Chemical resistant finishes, many built-in safety features, noiseless operation, imported materials make it compete with any international brand with standards that pass the stringent performance.

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Propagation by tissue-culture offers good commercial prospect in ornamental plants, vegetables and also fruit plants, where value of the products is high. The technique has reportedly been successful in more than 100 species of plants.
It would, therefore, be desirable to encourage commercial tissue culture labs to supplement the production of planting material by conventional means. Shri Mukund Biotech is a well recognized name in running commercial plant tissue culture facilities on Built, Operate and Transfer basis in various states for production of lakhs of saplings of plant species every year.
Shri Mukund Biotech provides technical knowledge in establishing tissue culture labs for commercial as well as research purposes. The complete module is provided by Shri Mukund Biotech from designing, construction, equipping with suitable equipments, training of manpower and running of the lab by company experts for designated time. In addition to the production of the hardened plantlets in the facility which consists of the lab and hardening houses, we provide technical expertise for establishment of demonstration plots by planting of TC raised plantlets in field with standardized packages and practices.
Such set up has been established by our company on Built, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis for the mass production of banana plantlets by tissue culture method. If user already has any building and rooms available, we have expertise to convert the same into plant tissue culture laboratory.

Different models and specification of the components are available with us to suit the different requirements.
Our expert engineer’s team work in close coordination with customers and execute the projects as per their exact requirement.

The major components of Plant Tissue culture labs are:
Photoperiodic simulation castor racks
Laminar air flow with latest ozone ionization disinfection
Heat convectors great biotech
Humidity monitor microclimate
Floor insulation polymer anti conductive Buffer room
Photoperiodic simulation morphoge
Temperature controller microclimate
Ceiling insulation polyurethane
Air curtain

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