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Our dedicated team of scientists, engineers and experts constantly examine the plant growth strategies in controlled environment prevailing in our in-house R&D centre and solve the researcher’s problems faced by them in growing plants of their interest.

We address the requirements of Researchers, by applying core scientific capabilities and technical insights to upgrade our research greenhouses a unique facility with advanced features. You consult us and we will design, manufacture and install a research greenhouse that fits your particular needs. Following installation, our personnel are available to start-up, test, commission, and train your staff in the proper operation and on-going maintenance of the facility. This approach assures you of a facility that meets your needs throughout its operational life.

We have an endless array of growing techniques developed by a team of scientists representing different field like Horticulture, vegetables, agronomy, virology, pathology, entomology, physiology etc. The facility is designed with user friendly operations specifically for research applications to be performed in the control of temperature, humidity light intensity as such for the detailed studies of plant diseases, life cycle study of the plant, insect pests and plant adaptation to drought, cold temperatures and other abiotic stresses, hardening of the plants and the ability to conduct plant research on various crops throughout the year and in different climate regions i.e. Tropical, Sub-tropical, Temperate & Desert.

Since space is a usual constraint in research institutions, our research greenhouses are simple and manageable in a space constraint conditions. Our Research Greenhouses are best in the terms of durability as they last for years with minimum maintenance. Cereals, Oat, Maize, Sorghum, Wheat, Soya bean, Vegetables-on/ off season, Pulses and oil seeds, Cotton , IPM studies- Biology, Phenological studies of insect pests and disease.

The structure is raised by hot galvanized GI pipes that do not rust which results in a maintenance free greenhouse. Researcher can carry out research without the apprehension of any fungal infection to the plants.

UV stabilized polycarbonate sheets are used for cladding in Saveer Research Greenhouses. Research Greenhouses with PC sheets provide superior light transmission and proper air insulation which is prerequisite of research greenhouse o maintain the optimum environmental condiions. Such greenhouses can withstand extremes of weathers storms, hail storms, wind, and snow fall thus providing shield for plants to grow in subsequent change of temperature.
Algae free cooling pads. Pads and filters are easy to open and should be changed only when dry. We use Energy depletion system engineered for optimal performance and longevity of the system. Moreover, the Research Greenhouse models can be designed as per the user’s requirement. Cooling system can be provided with half Water Pad and Half AC, optionally it can be fully equipped with water pad or by AC only.
Our lighting system comes with special ballast specifically designed to last longer for such facilities. Lights that provide proper light spectrum are added to research greenhouses to aid plant growth and for task lighting.
Water quality an essential component for plants growth is maintained in Saveer Research Greenhouses. In our research greenhouses we can provide you the water quality which is needed for the experiments for example running saline water if desired for the experiments with optimum pH and EC required by plants.
Provision of anteroom with double door entry makes the plants in greenhouse free of any pest and diseases.
With more than 4 years of research, our team have specially designed anterooms for effective management of pest problems. We give special attention to Greenhouse entry system because containment and security breaches occur most often at points of entry.
Long lasting and rust free benches with movable tops. We have different benching system to suit the need of greenhouse.
Various solutions for shading Shade net with rolling arrangement maintains the temperature as per the requirement of plants by manipulating the penetration of natural light.
Alarm system, if asked for, provides you with the proper notification system to let you know immediately when something is not perfect in your greenhouse. The alarm system can be had for different levels for example first the alarm will beep in the investigators mobile, if not responded can go to the persons in the higher hierarchy and finally if not attended finally to the head of the institution.

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